Summer School Can Stop the Summer Slide

Summer School Can Stop the Summer Slide

While summer brings warm days at the beach and a long respite from homework, research shows that summer break can also result in the “summer slide”, or a loss of learning that occurs over the summer months.  Students have probably seen the effects of this slide when they need to spend time refreshing their memory or relearning content from the year before, or when fall assessment scores come in lower than ones taken in the spring.  Summer school has been shown to not only reduce or eliminate this slide, but offers students the opportunity to advance their learning and explore unique course offerings. 

District 127 has a robust set of summer school offerings to appeal to diverse student interest.  Whether looking to take an advanced math class or participate in Rock Band, our summer program has courses to engage all interests.   In addition, we offer small group learning settings to students receiving Extended School Year services through our Special Education Departments.  To help students get to and from summer school, we have low cost bussing available for those who would like that option.

Our summer school program is a district-wide program, hosted at one of the two high schools.  See below for a summary of the summer school schedule and a list of classes.  When registering, please note which semester classes are offered.  Pending instructor availability, elective offerings are typically only offered during one semester.


Where:  Grayslake Central High School

When: Summer school will run Monday-Thursday from 8:00-1:00

Semester One: June 5-June 22

Semester Two: June 26- July 18 (with July 3 and 4th holidays)



Career and Technical Education
Chicago Alive!
Engineering Boot Camp   

Driver’s Education
Classroom Driver’s Education
Behind the Wheel Education

Algebra 1
Geometry Honors
Advanced Algebra Trig
Advanced Algebra Trig Honors

Freshman English
Sophomore English
Chicago Alive!
Physical Science
Fine Arts 
Rock Band 
Social Studies
Chicago Alive!
Exploring World Cultures
U.S. History
World History

Click here HERE to go to the Summer School Webpage to learn more and register.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.We are going on vacation and will miss several days of the semester. Can we still sign up?
Each day of summer school is the equivalent of one week of class during the school year.  As such, attendance is crucial.  Typically, it is not advisable to take a summer school class during a time when the student cannot attend.  However, if only missing one or two days, it may be that work can be done online during a student’s absence.  Talk with the teacher of the course to see if this possible.

2.My student’s middle school does not get out of school until after District 127 summer school starts.  Can we still sign up?
We know there is at least a one-day overlap between the end of middle school and the start of summer school for first semester classes.  Students in this predicament will need to complete work during the days they miss.  Teachers will be asked to post work on schoology or to send through email what work must be completed.  Contact the summer school principal, Mrs. Barb Georges at to get the name and contact information of the classroom teacher.

3.My student has athletic camps during the time of summer school. Can we still sign up?
Talk with the athletic director and/or coach to find out what the overlap will be and if there is flexibility. 

4.We qualify for Free and Reduced lunch benefits during the school year; does it apply to summer school?
No, but we can work out payment plans if need be.  Because summer school is an optional program not required by the state, the school is not reimbursed any monies for Free and Reduced services for said program.  Contact the Assistant to the Director of Curriculum, Jennifer Campbell, at jcampbell@d127 with questions about your particular situation.

5.Are there additional fees, other than the tuition costs?
Any courses that may have additional fees are listed in the back of the Registration Guide.  The courses that do have additional fees are those with field trips included in the curriculum.  In addition, English classes will ask student to buy or borrow novels as needed for the course.

6.How much is bussing?
Bussing is $25.00 per semester and you can sign up for that at the time of registration.  Bus stops have been pre-determined by the bus company.  You can select from the available bus stops.

7.Do D127 summer school grades go on the transcript?
Yes, summer school classes are graded like all others and will be placed on a student’s transcript. Grades will be published at the close of each summer school semester.  Please note what kind of credit the student receives by completing the course.  This is listed in the course directory on the summer school webpage. 

8.Will my student have access to technology during summer school?
Students that don’t already have a Chromebook through the 1:1 program will be able to borrow one for the duration of their summer school course.  

9.Can my student take more than one class at a time during the summer?
A student can take only one class per semester.

10. What are the rules and regulations of summer school?
All school rules apply during summer school.  You can read more in the registration guide on the summer school webpage.  This year, Barbara Georges is the summer school principal.  You can ask her questions regarding summer school expectations at