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 Alumni Information Page


Have you lost contact with your friends from Grayslake Community High School ?

Charlotte Renehan has graciously volunteered to coordinate alumni information and she will be sharing alumni event information and class liaison information here for your convenience.

For additional Alumni Information visit

ALUMNI FRIENDS GROUP - Next Luncheon is to be arranged.

Open to all alumni of Grayslake Community High School. For more information call Ilomae at 847-623-3531

 Alumni Events

Class of The Grayslake Historical Society invites all alumni to visit the Grayslake Heritage Center and Museum during Homecoming weekend.

The Grayslake Historical Society invites all Grayslake High School alumni to the Grayslake Heritage Center and Museum on Saturday, September 13.  The Museum is open from noon to 4:00 PM with coffee being served from 1:00 to 3:00. Penny candy (limit 5 pieces) will be sold from the “Old Dime Store” candy counter.  The Annex will be open for the first time since remodeling.  

Class of 1974 - Meet your classmate and friends in the community room of the Heritage Center between 1:00 and 3:00 on Saturday, September 13. Light refreshments will be served. 

 Alumni Class Representatives

Have you lost contact with your friends from Grayslake Community High School? The following is a list of people, one from each class, who will act as class liaisons. If you want to know what is being planned for your class, call your liaison. If you have changed your address, call your liaison. The liaison will be expected to maintain a listing of people and addresses. Not all classes presently have liaisons listed.

An effort will be made to include all classes. To volunteer to be your class liaison call Charlotte Renehan at 847-223-5509 or e-mail Please do not call or e-mail the high school.

 Class Liaisons

Class of 1947Georgene Gooding Martin847-231-6159
Class of 1948Connie Sheldon Dunbar847-223-0737
Class of 1949Ilomae Ruther Curran847-623-3531
Class of 1950Jack Clooney847-543-0645
Class of 1951Charlotte Kuebker Renehan847-223-5509
Class of 1952Merry Hart Nessinger602-814-7059
Class of 1953Ellen Kirchner Schaefer727-785-5449
Class of 1954Pat Hook Yopp847-223-4030
Class of 1955Dyanne Teasdale Earley847-566-5641
Class of 1956Adell Helmer Laurin262-862-6710
Class of 1957Judy Reimers Merritt414-421-3795
Class of 1958Katy Waters Hall904-461-0308
Class of 1959Cynthia Rockenbach Lee847-223-5222
Class of 1960Larry Leafblad847-223-2086
Class of 1961 Judi Unger Pivonka847-223-5573
Class of 1962Donald Steffen847-223-4459
Class of 1963Pam Rockenbach Relitz847-223-2931
Class of 1964Donna Miller Cuilla847-623-9473
Class of 1965Howard Siedlecki262-656-7051
Class of 1966Chuck Clow Jr.847-223-8185
Class of 1967 Patty Paol Loar847-356-3865
Class of 1968Carol Lally Brookover847-356-7920
Class of 1969Mary Hertel Davis847-223-6818
Class of 1970Gail Rockenbach Vitols847-223-8651
Class of 1971Jack Davis510-635-3564
Class of 1972Sally Falknor847-223-7247
Class of 1973Terri Groth Richardson    847-223-5168
Class of 1974Kandy Weber Nielson602-295-0820
Class of 1975Ken Idstein847-223-0044
Class of 1976Carol Cole Frank 847-707-8136
Class of 1977 Jeanne Caldwell714-264-2046
Class of 1978Lourdes Suris-Longtin 847-265-0926
Class of 1979Gene Woods815-342-1023
Class of 1980John Keefe630-390-8642
Class of 1981 Lynn Groth Wells847-265-9478
Class of 1982
Class of 1983
Class of 1984Debbie Wacker Jacobson818-554-7229
Class of 1985
Class of 1986Kerry Caraher Pollard847-726-9363
Class of 1987 Sandy Anderson Boyd 847-265-4228
Class of 1988Lisa Habermaas Mickey847-204-2046
Class of 1989Kate Stransky773-470-7398
Class of 1990
Class of 1991Christy Faymonville920-499-8743
Class of 1992Don Steffen847-668-9714
Class of 1993Brian Gutraj847-996-1213
Class of 1994
Class of 1995
Class of 1996 Kristy Disch Schmidt 847-721-7712
Class of 1997
Class of 1998Bianco Demco 847-286-2514
Class of 1999Alison Losik847-209-0779
Class of 2000Katie Titus847-986-3300  ext. 5567
Class of 2001Sam Stahnke / Chad Cabonor314-496-6693 / 303-845-2600
Class of 2002 Katie Tednes Krause847-553-6316
Class of 2003David Hooks760-798-0060
Class of 2004Cathy Bruska Brimery 847-409-3420 
Class of 2005
Class of 2006
Class of 2010sdfhsdfhdfg
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