August 23, 2018 Board Briefs

August 23, 2018 Board Briefs

The Grayslake Community High School Board of Education met on August 23, 2018.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Board of Education action items that were reviewed and approved, please enjoy the following meeting highlights:


  • The following teachers were recognized for their Continued Contractual Service (Tenure) Recommendation for the 2018-2019 school year:
    • Joe Alger, GNHS Social Worker
    • Julie Benjamin, GNHS Special Education Teacher
    • Roxanne Bristow, GNHS Social Studies Teacher
    • Michelle Burgett, GCHS Science Teacher
    • Genesis Casillas, GCHS School Counselor
    • Brian Centella, GCHS Life Fitness Teacher
    • Jennifer Clesen, GCHS Social Studies Teacher
    • Stacy Custodio, GCHs Math Teacher
    • Catherine Dodd, GNHS Social Studies Teacher
    • Alex McKenzie, GNHS Social Studies Teacher
    • Collin McKilip, GNHS Life Fitness Teacher
    • Keeley Naughton, GNHS English Teacher
    • Tim Sermak, GNHS Social Studies Teacher
    • Aaron Snyder, GCHS Special Education Teacher
    • Megan Sylverne, GNHS Science Teacher
    • Bryan Tylkowski, GCHS Science Teacher
  • The following Board Policy updates were brought for a first reading and will be brought to the September 6, 2018 Board Meeting for final approval:
    • 6:235 – Instruction – Access to Electronic Networks
    • 6:270 – Instruction – Guidance and Counseling Program
    • 6:320 – Instruction – Credit for Proficiency
  • The following new business items were approved:
    • Out of Town/Overnight Field Trip
  • The District 127 Board of Education received notice that they are one of 24 districts to earn the IASB 2018 School Board Governance Recognition designation.  This recognition is designed to acknowledge those school boards that have engaged in activities and modeled behaviors that lead to excellence in local school governance in support of quality public education.

Official minutes from this meeting will be posted on the District 127 website upon approval.

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