Career & Tech Ed

Business Education, Family Consumer Science, and Technology Education work as a unified elective area.  These three departments provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The Career and Technical Education Department:

  • Provides a setting for students to integrate core subject matter
  • Heightens awareness of career opportunities
  • Prepares students for further certification and/or degrees
  • Orientates students to the Lake County Technology Campus
  • Embraces the 21st Century Skills movement and focuses curricular offerings around problem solving and collaboration
  • Please check out our short video to get a glimse of what CTE has to offer!

All courses in this area fulfill the one-half applied arts credit for graduation.

Deanna Mazanek
Department Chair
847-986-3300 x5503

Career and Technology Education Department Staff

Chris Ellingsen

Technical Education

  • 847-986-3300 x5649

Diane Keuth

Business Education

  • 847-986-3300 x5597

Meghan Lynn

Business Education

  • 847-986-3300 x5758

Deanna Mazanek

Science, CTE Department Chair

  • 847-986-3300 x5503

Colin Plach

Technical Education

  • 847-986-3300 x5744

Jen Pope

Family and Consumer Science

  • 847-986-3300 x5510

Daniel Porter

Technical Education

  • 847-986-3300 x5764

Melissa Priester

Family and Consumer Science

  • 847-986-3300 x5641