Student Journalism

The RAMPAGE newspaper serves as an educational project for the students of Grayslake Central High School journalism courses. As a co-curricular activity, its basic function is to serve the community by informing, educating and stimulating the exchange of diverse opinions. The paper will maintain a policy that is fair, accurate and impartial. The paper is both printed and online. Students are responsible for the written content as well as the design, photos and editorial content of both award-winning publications.

RAMPAGE Website Link

Additionally, journalism students will have opportunities for field trips through organizations like KEMPA (Kettle Moraine Press Association) and JEA (Journalism Education Association). By attending these conferences, students will see what working as a journalist in the world is like through both hands-on experiences and expert opinions from the field. If you have any questions or would like to join RAMPAGE, please contact the staff adviser. Kristen Orlowski; (847) 986-3300 ext. 5554