Transcript Request

  1. Download and print the Transcript Request Form.
  2. Use the name that is on your GCHS school records. Your records are filed by graduation year and last name at the time of your attendance here.
  3. Your graduation year, or expected graduation year if you did not graduate, is required.
  4. Alumni need not include the name of your counselor.
  5. For questions that may arise, it is highly recommended that you include a contact telephone number.
  6. Include the name and address of the school, scholarships, employer, or person to whom you would like your transcript mailed to.
  7. Transcripts can be faxed if you provide a fax number, but faxed transcripts are generally not considered “official.”
  8. Requests must have an original signature.

Mail, fax, or email a scanned request to:

Karen D'Angelo, Registrar
Grayslake Central High School
400 N Lake St
Grayslake, IL 60030

Fax: 1-847-223-8690
Email: Karen D'Angelo at

Additional Information:

  • SAT scores are not currently being included on Transcripts as most colleges require they be sent directly from If you would like to have your SAT scores included on your Transcript, please contact the Registrar and indicate such on the Transcript Release Form.
  • Allow (5) business days for your request to be completed. Once completed and uploaded to the college/university, please know that each university processes their received transcripts at their own pace. They may be in receipt of a transcript for over two weeks before it shows as “received” in their records.
  • Our transcripts show a “weighted GPA” on a 4.0 scale.


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Grayslake Central
400 North Lake Street
Grayslake, IL 60030

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