New Athletic Conference Launches July 1, 2016

New Athletic Conference Launches July 1, 2016

After two years of transition and planning, the Northern Lake County Conference (NLCC) is embarking on their inaugural year beginning this July 1, 2016. “This has been a labor of love getting ready for our first year as a conference”, stated Catherine Finger, Superintendent of Grayslake High School District 127. The new conference is comprised of Antioch H.S., Grant H.S., Grayslake Central H.S., Grayslake North H.S., Lakes H.S., North Chicago H.S., Round Lake H.S., and Wauconda H.S. “The new conference was formed to provide more opportunities for our students from all eight high schools in both athletics and extra-curricular activities”, said Jim McKay, Superintendent of Antioch/Lakes High School District 117.

The NLCC has big plans to provide competitions and interactive venues for students who participate in activities other than sports. “We are all very excited to see students from our fine arts and school clubs from across our geographical areas participate in conference activities and competitions”, said Christy Sefcik, Superintendent of Grant High School District 124. The NLCC is integrating this new conference philosophy into the first annual Leadership Conference on August 13, 2016. “Everyone is so excited to attend our first event, the leadership conference. So much work has gone into the planning by our athletic and activity directors as well as our school principals.” stated Connie Collins, Superintendent of Round Lake Unit School District 116. Athletic competitions for the new NLCC begin with the upcoming fall sports seasons. More information about the new Northern Lake County Conference can be found at or you may contact any of the superintendents, principals, athletic directors or activity directors at each of our conference schools.

Jim McKay                                                                                              Christy Sefcik, Ed.D.
Superintendent of District 117                                                                    Superintendent of District 124
Antioch & Lakes High Schools                                                                  Grant High School

Catherine Finger, Ed.D.                                                                             Ben Martindale, Ed.D.
Superintendent of District 127                                                                    Superintendent of District 187
Grayslake Central & Grayslake North High Schools                                     North Chicago High School

Connie Collins, Ed.D.                                                                                Daniel Coles, Ed.D.
Superintendent of District 116                                                                    Superintendent of District 118
Round Lake High School                                                                           Wauconda High School