Welcome to the Grayslake Central High School

Student Assistance Program!

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a comprehensive approach to assist students with multiple challenges that they face during their high school years. The goal of SAP is to help students achieve both academic and personal success by utilizing prevention, intervention and support services. SAP includes a committee of teachers and staff members that meet regularly to discuss student concerns. The SAP team also collaborates with students to create programs and services that promote health, wellness, and safety for all GCHS students.

Prevention is the creation, implementation and evaluation of programs and services aimed at educating students and staff on topics related to health and wellness.

Intervention is intended to assist students that are struggling with significant academic, emotional or behavioral concerns. The “Green Card” referral system is utilized to intervene when there are notable changes in a student’s behavior, attendance, health or academics that are interfering with his/her ability to be successful in school.

Support is offered to any student that would like to discuss a personal concern or a concern about a friend. Support may also include student support groups, family support, and referrals to community resources.

Contact Information:
Kate Oldenburg, LCPC
Student Assistance Program Coordinator