• Senior status with 17 or more credits
  • In good standing with the dean’s office-attendance & no major discipline
  • All student fees paid in full
  • Parent approval


Application processing will be available in the annex August 9th, 10th & 13th from 10AM-3PM.   After the start of the school year, students may continue to submit their applications before/after school or during a free period to the dean’s office.  Each student must submit a completed SLO application.  Applications will be available outside the Dean’s office or on our website.  Seniors must purchase a non-refundable SLO identification card for $20.00.  (Replacement SLO cards may be purchased at the bookstore for $5.00)



~Pursuant to the importance District 127 places upon academic achievement, and the direct correlation between attendance and grades, students deemed to be struggling in either may be placed on probationary status for a period of time to be determined by school personnel. Further, students struggling to adhere to the District 127’s Discipline Policy may also be placed on probationary status.

~Students exit building through the field house doors and will hand their SLO card to staff member in charge.  Return on time and enter through field house doors.  Students must have their SLO card to give to designated staff member prior to leaving the building, (student ID’s will not suffice). 

~Transportation is provided solely by the student.  In the event any incident arises involving personal injury and/or property damage to the student or any other persons accompanying the student the school districts, its employees, and board members are held harmless from any claim or liability which may arise from the occurrence. 



~Students who violate the above expectations may have their senior lunch option privilege suspended or permanently revoked. 

~Parents of seniors may also request denial of SLO privilege at any time during the school year by contacting the student’s Dean.  


APPLICATION:  1819 SLO Application
























































































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