Grayslake North People

Jenny Andersen

Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Chrissy Applehans

Student Services Secretary for College and Career Center

Sam Baker

Life Fitness - Head Football Coach

Adam DeCaluwe

Asst. Athletic Director, Business Education

Lori DeFiore

Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Victor Garduno

ESP - 1:1 Paraprofessional

Jon Giss

Paraprofessional - Special Education

Tim Hough

Life Fitness Department Chair

Paula Ignaciuk

Special Education - Speech & Language Pathologist

Chris Kubic

Social Studies Department Chair

Mark Lard

Fine Arts Department Chair

Vinnie Licciardello

ESP - Special Education Aide

Megan Licht

Associate Principal for Student Services

Patrick Moran

Paraprofessional - Special Education

Thomas New

Technology Integration Specialist

Susan Richey

SEDOL - Occupational Therapist

Gina Rupe

Secretary to the Athletic Director

Jeff Schagrin

Associate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction

Allison Taskovic

Paraprofessional - Special Education

Andrea Tompoles

Assistant to the Associate Principals

Lori Twaddle

Paraprofessional - Special Education

Yolanda Vasquez

Paraprofessional - Special Education