Life Fitness

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

~ John F. Kennedy

The Life Fitness Department at Grayslake North has one dynamic goal for all students and that is to prepare students physically, emotionally, and socially so they are well prepared for life after secondary education.  The Life Fitness Staff believes that the continuous efforts to improve student growth on a daily basis will allow for each of our students to be successful in any endeavor they may wish to embark on. Within our department students will be provided with the essential skills, attitude and knowledge necessary to foster each student’s personal health, fitness and safety.  Through exposure to a wide variety of activities, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of and make educated decisions around opportunities to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tim Hough
Department Chair
847-986-3100 x 5580

Life Fitness Vision Statement: "Through challenging experiences students will be self- motivated and passionate in pursuing life- long wellness."

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Life fitness faculty

  • First Row - Bobette Byrne, Shelli Williams, Carolyn Gaffke, Tyler Hansen
  • Second Row - Collin McKillip, Melissa Smith, Michelle Wood, Tim Hough
  • Third Row - Jesse Wolter, Steve Wood, Jon Sawyer, Andy Strahan

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Life Fitness Department Staff

Bobette Byrne

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5529

Carolyn Gaffke

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5732

Tyler Hansen

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5570

Tim Hough

Life Fitness Department Chair

  • 847-986-3100 x5580

Collin McKillip

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5760

Jonathan Sawyer

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5721

Melissa Smith

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5619

Andy Strahan

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5680

Shelli Williams

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5694

Jesse Wolter

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5654

Michelle Wood

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5698

Steve Wood

Life Fitness

  • 847-986-3100 x5699