World Languages Department  

The World Languages Department at Grayslake North is committed to preparing our students to communicate in other languages within and beyond the classroom setting.  In our classes we focus on the four communication skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking and provide students with engaging opportunities for success with the language.  Our goal is for students to acquire language in a natural, contextualized manner.  In addition, research supports and proves that students who study another language will improve in their first language which will strengthen student performance across other disciplines.  We encourage our students to take language for four years and to explore the benefits language can provide in their future.  With four years of language study, students may also receive college credit and be exempt from college graduation requirements.

Valerie Padgett-Krause
Department Chair
847-986-3100 x 5545

World languages faculty

  • 1st Row - Tracy Gaona, Jennifer Welty 
  • 2nd Row - James Murphy, Dorota Trybula, Erica Rehm, Martin Rocha
  • 3rd Row - Meg Lopez, Jessica Baker, Valerie Padgett-Krause
  • 4th Row - Jessica Baker, Nikki Kirchway

World Language Department Staff

Jessica Baker

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5507

Katelynn Canales

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5729

Tracy Gaona

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5735

Nikki Kirchway

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5599

Meg Lopez

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5642

James Murphy

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5523

Valerie Padgett-Krause

World Language Department Chair

  • 847-986-3100 x5545

Erica Rehm

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5571

Martin Rocha

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5736

Dorota Trybula

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5658

Jennifer Welty

World Language

  • 847-986-3100 x5692