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• You’ll work harder • You’ll be happier • You’ll be more passionate about your work • You’ll be more fun to work with • People will like you more • You are much more likely to be successful • You’ll get more and more opportunities • Money and status will follow….


Spring College Rep Visits at GNHS!

The calendar is open for college visits!  Continue to check Schoology and Naviance for the scheduled visits.  Please sign up via Naviance, using your school email and 6 digit student ID to log in.  

College Rep Visits for the reminder of the 2017 school year

Check the college websites for some ‘quick facts’!  These rep visits bring the schools to you and include detailed information on cost, housing, campus life, scholarships and more. 
Keep a couple of things in mind: 
     1.  The visits are for gathering information – there no ‘ties’ to the school if you attend the visit.
     2.  Give all schools consideration – small, medium, and large, private vs public, community vs university, popular vs not popular, and more.  Each school has their own benefits to offer so gather information on all types of schools and choose the one that is right for YOU and your future.

Monday, April 24
7th hour                Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (http://siu.edu/)

Tuesday, April 25
7th hour                University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (http://www.uwgb.edu/)

Friday, April 28
7th hour                Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (https://www.tricociuniversity.edu/

We are here to help!  (click here to learn more) 

Scholarship Opportunities!

The local scholarship opportunities are winding down!  Be sure to check out the remaining available scholarships via the scholarship link on the GNHS website, the College and Career Resource Center, or Schoology! 

The college or university scholarships are ones to watch for as well!  They could have some amazing opportunities for you so BE SURE to talk with your college or university of choice to see what they may be offering!

College Representative Information

If you are a college representative and would like to schedule an appointment, please go to repvisits.com and you can easily schedule there!  Contact Chrissy Applehans of the College and Career Resource Center at 847-986-3100 ext. 5022 with any questions or problems.






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