Registration Form


  • Senior with 17 credits, junior with 12 credits or sophomore with 6 credits, fees paid up to date.
  • Student must be in good standing with the Dean’s office – No major attendance issues per the attendance limitation policy (8 days per semester).
  • Parental approval is required in order for a student to register a car and drive to school.
  • You must have all of the following to apply for your parking sticker
  • This form filled out completely including parent signature and insurance information
  • The student’s driver’s license
  • Current proof of insurance – a photo of the insurance card displaying the name on the policy and current dates is ok.
  • and $150 (Cash, Check, or charge Cards accepted)


  • All automobiles must be registered in the Deans’ office and display a valid parking sticker. Sticker must be placed in the front window in the lower corner, on the passenger’s side – the sticker must be visible from outside the vehicle.
  • Parking is permitted in designated area / student lot only.
  • No student may go to their car during the school day without permission.
  • Problems with vehicles are never an excuse for tardiness or absence.
  • A temporary parking pass must be obtained in the Dean’s office if your car with the sticker is out of service prior to the start of the school day on days you are in need of the temporary pass. You risk being ticketed anytime you are parked in the lot without a sticker or a temporary parking pass.
  • Drive safely. Drive in a manner that will never endanger pedestrians or cars in the parking lot and/or around school.
  • In return for the privilege students and parents must consent to the possibility of school officials conducting searches of vehicles, and personal effects therein, without notice.
  • No refunds are issued for lost or revoked stickers or students transferring or withdrawing from school.
  • Issuance of a GNHS parking sticker DOES NOT entitle students to park at Grayslake Central.
  • Students who opt to have parking privileges will be subject to random drug screening.
  • Students with positive drug screenings and/or on campus drug/alcohol violations are subject to consequences in a manner deemed consistent with D127’s Extracurricular Code of Conduct, (see the D127 Student Handbook for additional information).


  • Parking privileges may be revoked for reckless driving in the vicinity of or on school property, for any violation of the Rules of the Road occurring on school property or in the immediate vicinity of the campus. Parking privileges may also be revoked for violations of any of the above expectations or for failure to maintain requirements.
  • Protocol for drug and/or alcohol infractions, (this would include (independent of each other): possession, sale, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on school grounds or failing a random drug screening):

- First infraction: 18 week loss of parking. In the event that the school year ends prior to the conclusion of any loss of parking suspension, that suspension will continue into the following school year for so long as it was determined that this privilege was to be revoked. Students whose suspended parking privileges carry over into the following school year will be allowed to purchase a parking permit until that student’s parking privileges have been reinstated.

- First offenders will be given the opportunity to reduce their suspension to nine weeks with at least one mandatory D127 approved random drug screen within that nine weeks period. The student must pass this drug screen along with completing an approved D127 youth evaluation and any subsequent recommended drug screenings, (three total), regardless of whether they have earned back parking.

- For each offense, the student will be required to participate in three subsequent drug screenings, (three total) regardless of whether they have earned back parking.

- A second failed drug screening or a second drug and/or alcohol violation will result in loss of parking for one calendar year.

- A third failed drug screening will result in that student losing their parking privileges for the remainder of their high school career.

- Students who self-report (with no previous infractions), will NOT lose parking, but will be placed in the next three subsequent random screenings. They must pass all three of these drug screenings. A student who self-reports will also be required to complete and approved D127 youth evaluation and any subsequent recommended class and/or treatment.

Cars without stickers, cars improperly parked and cars of students whose parking privileges have been revoked may be ticketed, towed at the student/owner expense and a suspension may also result.