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Grayslake District 127 Celebrates a Successful School Year

Grayslake District 127 Celebrates a Successful School Year

Grayslake District 127 Celebrates a Successful School Year

Each year, the bittersweet graduation ceremonies that mark the end of one chapter and beginning of another remind us that the hallways and classrooms will soon quiet of student voices, instead echoing the sounds of lawn mowers and classroom cleanings.  Athletic fields become home to summer camps and pick-up games.  Another year under our belts.  It is during this time of transition that we reflect on the year just past, its successes and memories, and what it all means for next year.   And while each student will have his or her own tales of success to highlight the year, 2016-2017 proved a great one for the entirety of District 127. 

New Programs

Our German program launched this year, adding a third offering to our World Language students.  The program is thriving, with additional sections being added next year, including German II and German II Honors.  AP World History was offered at Grayslake Central this year, and will be added to Grayslake North next year.  In addition, our new 4th-year math class, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM), challenged students to apply math skills to real-world problems.  AMDM continues to enroll next year. Our Business Department continued to refine its offerings to include the highly recommended Digital Literacy course that combines keyboarding with learning essential digital skills and digital footprint management. 

For next year, we add AP Spanish Literature and Culture at Grayslake North and Wind Ensemble Honors, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Big History at both high schools. 

Our district continues to evaluate the needs of modern high school students and adapt our courses and course offerings to best prepare our students for post-secondary success.

Academic Achievements

Grayslake Central and Grayslake North were highly ranked by Washington Post, 19th and 35th in the state, respectively.  That makes us some the best high schools in the State of Illinois.  We achieve that honor because of the hard work of our students, our staff, and with the support of our community.  Below are just some of the academic achievements of our students:

  • Both schools launched the Seal of Biliteracy this year and both had students earn that seal, 19 overall, which demonstrates a student’s fluency in at least two languages.
  • Each school had National Merit Scholarship commended students, 6 at North and 3 at Central.  North had five students move on in the competition to compete for thousands of dollars in scholarship monies.
  • Both schools had students earn places of honorable mention in the Daily Leadership Team; Central had one student named to the team.
  • Our Journalism and Yearbook students fared well this year.  Both schools received high honors and first-place titles at All—KEMPA through the Kettle Moraine Press Association.  North’s newspaper won first place overall for Best Hybrid Publication and second place for Best Publication through the Illinois Journalism Education Association Spring Contest.  North students also qualified for state in editorial writing. 
  • The music programs in both schools continued to impress in 2016-2017.  Both schools had students named to ILMEA Honors Ensembles and had bands place in area competitions.  Central’s Jazz Band placed first at the Northshore Jazz Festival and at the IHSA Organizational Band Contest.  The Central Band Department hosted the first Annual Conference Band Festival for our new conference, the NLCC, and Honors Band had first and second place showings at the IHSA Organizational Band Contest.  North’s band was likewise successful.  They placed 4th in Class AA at IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest, outscoring 56 other high schools in the state. Wind, Symphonic and Jazz band all had D1 ratings at the IHSA Organizational Contest. North’s overall band program is IHSA 7th in the state.  And, while there are too many individual, achievements from both schools to list here, many students had tremendous personal musical achievements. 
  • Central inducted its first ever members into its newly minted National Art and Language Honors Societies.
  • Both schools launched the new Cum Laude Award Program this year as we moved away from Class Rank as a measure of student success.  Central gave 64 awards and North gave 47.
  • Students are traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as a part of the Exploring World Cultures course.  Other students are traveling to Europe and Quebec with AP European history and French courses.
  • North History Fair advanced three students to the state competition.
  • Both schools had VFW Voice of Democracy essay winners and Central’s Georgette Polychronos was named VFW Teacher of the Year

Over 80% of our students are involved in clubs and/or activities.Below is but a short list of the many great achievements and experiences had by student activities and Athletics


  • Grayslake North’s Math Team had state qualifiers.
  • Central’s JV Academic Team placed first in conference.
  • North’s Science Olympiad placed 4th at the Regional Competition and 17th at State.
  • Central’s FBLA and North’s FBLA had eight students participate successfully in the Fall leadership Conference and Central had six. We had 
  • North’s Winter Guard placed 3rd at State.



  • Boys soccer were @A regional champs
  • Boys Cross country were conference champs
  • Girls Cross Country had 3 all-conference athletes
  • Football had two all-conference athletes
  • Girls Volleyball were NLCC co-champions
  • Girls Tennis were conference champions
  • Boys Golf were conference champions
  • Boys Basketball had an all-conference athlete
  • Girls Basketball were conference co-champions
  • Boys bowling advanced to sectionals
  • Girls bowling had sectional qualifiers
  • Wresting had  two state qualifiers
  • Cheerleading took 10th place at state.
  • First ever Boys Volleyball Program


  • Boys Cross Country had a state qualifier
  • Football made it to round two of the playoffs
  • Wresting- first ever state champion
  • Girls Bowling – had a state qualifier
  • Boys Bowling – had a sectional qualifier
  • Cheerleading- took 8th place at state.
  • Boys Track- two state qualifiers
  • Boys Tennis- Conference champs
  • Baseball- Conference Champs
  • Lacrosse- Conference Champs
  • First ever Boys Volleyball Program

Overall, 2016-2017 proved to be an amazing year, and we look forward to more years of excellence.

Thanks to our community for the ongoing support and dedication to our schools. Without you, none of this would be possible