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Reflections from Dr. Catherine Finger

Reflections from Dr. Catherine Finger

As the holidays unfold and a new year is again on the horizon, I find myself reflecting on the many wonderful members of our school community. Students, parents, staff members and community members share an esprit de corps that many have come to know simply as ‘the way we do things around here.’ The caring nature of our students and staff was abundantly evident again this year during our holiday food and gift drives at both schools. Perhaps you had an opportunity to enjoy D127 students caroling, participating in school and community events, and engaging in volunteer work.

Now that finals are over, students are nestled at home with their families, and activity and athletic schedules are tapering off for a few weeks. I hope you are able to take a moment to drink in the beauty of your family and friends. We all have so much to be grateful for! I am forever grateful for our incredibly kindhearted students, our devoted staff members, and our supportive parents.

Today is December 21—winter’s longest day—and as my father used to say, spring is now galloping toward us! I look forward to my last semester in D127 with gratitude and excitement. We have accomplished great things for our students as a school community over our years together—and we have a bright future ahead.

Wishing you warmth and wonder during this holiday season and all the best in 2017.