July 19, 2018 Board Briefs

July 19, 2018 Board Briefs


The Grayslake Community High School Board of Education met on July 19, 2018.  In addition to the regularly scheduled Board of Education action items that were reviewed and approved, please enjoy the following meeting highlights:

Evidence-Based Funding Presentation – Dr. Storaasli presented the Board with information on Evidence-Based Funding.  Please see the presentation below.

Board Policy updates were brought for a first reading.

The following new business items were approved:

  • Out of Town/Overnight Field Trips

  • 2018-2019 Tentative Budget

  • Disposal of Personal Property

Evidence-Based Funding

The evidence-based funding model is now live in Illinois! The model takes individual district demographics and student characteristics into account and attempts to direct funding to districts with the greatest needs first. The state provides an "Adequacy Target" to each district, meaning the amount of funding necessary to educate the students in each district. For example, schools with a greater percentage of students with special needs or students for whom English is not their first language will require more funding. 

Furthermore, the State calculates the ratio between the district's ability to contribute versus this ideal Adequacy Target. The state uses this adequacy ratio to prioritize new funding. Districts with a low adequacy percentage are considered to be in greater need of state funding and new funding should flow to these districts first.

Grayslake 127 has an adequacy ratio of 64% placing the district in "Tier 1." This means that we are in the group of districts that will receive new state funding first. 

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