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Prevention and Wellness

Anxiety/Stress Management – This is a group to help students better manage symptoms of anxiety that have significantly impacted areas of academic, personal and social functioning.

Balance Group - This group is to provide support for students balancing multiple things at one time such as taking rigorous classes, participating in school athletics and/or activities as well as other personal obligations. This group will provide support and tips on how to incorporate self-care strategies into daily life. 

Changing Families - This is a group for students that have experienced a change in family structure due to divorce, loss, remarriage or adoption. 

Concerned Others – This is a support group that assists students that are affected by a family member or loved struggling with substance abuse issues.

Coping Skills Group – This group provides support and education for students that are having difficulty coping with life stressors. This group also serves as a support for students transitioning into the school environment after participating in a hospital/treatment program.

First Generation College Prep (Juniors) - This group provides information and support to students that will be the first to attend college in their immediate family.

Girls Group – This support group is intended to support young women in developing skills that will help them improve self-esteem, image, and confidence. This group encourages students to engage in meaningful discussions that will help them develop positive social skills and make healthy decisions.

Guys Group - This group is to help guys navigate issues that impact their daily lives such as stress, friendships, family, etc.  This group encourages students to engage in meaningful discussions that will help them develop positive social skills and make healthy decisions.

Grief and Loss Group – The purpose of this group is to provide support for students who have experienced loss due to the death of a parent. This group will help students learn about the grieving process and ways to cope with the loss.

LGBTQ+ Support Group – The Alliance group provides support for students in the LGBTQ+ community. The goal of this group is to give students a therapeutic outlet to discuss their experiences, problems and concerns.

Recovery Group – This support group is intended for students that are in recovery for substance use issues and need support after receiving treatment. .

School Success Group – This group will focus on goal setting, problem-solving, time-management and study skills. This group provides students with the opportunity to learn skills that will help them experience improved grades and personal accomplishment.

Students of Color Group - This group creates a space for Students of Color to engage in important discussions about issues within their school and community. This group will also invite students to get involved in leadership opportunities. 

Transfer Student Group – This group provides students in grades 10-12 with an introduction and orientation to Grayslake Central High School and provides additional social/emotional and academic support with their transition. Students will also have the opportunity to learn ways to get involved with a variety of GCHS clubs, activities and social events. 

Please Note: Our Student Services Teams are committed to creating and adapting support groups to meet the differing needs of our students as the need arises. Support groups are available, or can become available, depending upon student needs. If you would like more information about student support groups, please contact the student’s Counselor, Social Worker, or Prevention and Wellness Coordinator. 

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