Summer School Guidelines and Expectations




Due to the concentrated nature of summer school, regular attendance is crucial.  More than one unexcused absence may lead to withdrawal from the course with no refund.

Course Availability



Courses listed in this booklet will be offered if a sufficient number of students sign up for the course.  Since summer school courses must be financially self-supporting, at least 14 students must be enrolled in each course.  Decisions regarding the cancellation of a class will be made by May 1, 2020. Enrollment will be allowed until the start of class, if the course is running and space permits.


Students without a Chromebook will be issued their District 127 Chromebook at the beginning of summer school.  



During summer school, all school rules apply as outlined in the Student Handbook.  Students are subject to disciplinary action and removal from the summer school program (without a refund) for inappropriate behavior.  The dress code is also in effect for summer school.  Students in violation of the dress code may be sent home for the day if alternate clothing is not available.

Equal Educational Opportunity

All persons who legally reside within Grayslake Community High School District 127 attendance boundaries through age 21, inclusive (or until graduation) shall be afforded the right and opportunity to an equal education.  No student shall be excluded, segregated, or discriminated against in the District’s programs on account of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, disability, religion, or limited English speaking skills.  District 127 affirms the human dignity and worth of each student to be free from discrimination and harassment.

The District does not permit harassment in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title IIA of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Grievance procedures have been established for student and employee complaints.  The Non-discrimination Coordinators for District 127 are Associate Superintendent for Instructional and Personnel Services and Director of Special Education.  The Section 504 Coordinator for District 127 is Director of Special Education. The Title IX Coordinators for District 127 are the Grayslake North Principal and the Grayslake Central Principal.

Final Exams and Grading

Attendance is mandatory on the last day of each session, as final exams are scheduled for that day.  All textbooks must be returned before the last day of class.  Students will be billed for unreturned materials. If a student is failing or near failing at mid-term of summer school, parents will be notified in writing.  Final grade reports will be sent upon the conclusion of each session.


Summer school grades for all credited courses will be included in the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).  Pass/Fail courses follow the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook and the 2020-2021 Registration Guide.  All credited courses are regular level unless otherwise noted in the course description.


Summer school classes cover a great deal of material over a short period of time; consequently, students must study outside of class.  Approximately one week’s study in the regular school year is covered each day of summer school.  Books are to be taken home each day as no hall lockers will be available for student use.  Work missed due to an absence must be made up within three days after returning to school.  No late work will be accepted beyond the last day of class for each semester.  Incomplete grades will not be given for summer school courses.


Refunds will be made only in the event that a class is not offered.


Students and families must enroll using the Class Registration link that is available on the summer school webpage. 

Any students with outstanding summer school costs by the start of the course will be dropped from the program.  If you need to discuss payment options please contact Jennifer Campbell at or (847)986-3449.

Special Education

Special Education support will be available for those students who qualify and who have a current IEP.


All students are to be on time and in the classroom when the session begins and after the break.  Instructors will track the number of times students are tardy.  On the third tardy to class or after break, a meeting will be held with the Summer School Principal, parent and student.  If a fourth tardy occurs, the student may be dropped from the class and no credit or refund given.  Any student more than 15 minutes late may be considered absent for the day.  Unavoidable circumstances which make a student late should be discussed with the teacher.



All course fees are listed under specific course information.  All fees must be paid before the start of class or students will be dropped from the program.  



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