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Is Technology Saturation Good or Bad for the Modern Teenager?

Is Technology Saturation Good or Bad for the Modern Teenager?

Arguments can be made either way, but there's no debating that today's teens are more wired than ever. And digital devices permeates the lives of young people in general, too.

People aged 18-34 have an average of 319 online connections, according to a recent http://Pew Research Center study. That's compared to an average of 198 connections for the 35-46 group, and the numbers continue to decrease from there.

Pew also recently reported that 63% of teenagers text message with friends on a daily basis, compared to 39% who speak on the phone daily and just 35% who interact face-to-face outside of school. Other research has found that text-happy teens send more than 100 messages per day. 

I was fascinated to read an article that was shared on facebook (guilty as charged with social media and technology on my “off time”) that stated, “Today’s children come to school emotionally unavailable for learning, and there are many factors in our modern lifestyle that contribute to this.  As we know, the brain is malleable.  Through environment, we can make the brain “stronger” or make it “weaker”.  You can read the full article here:

As a school committed to each and every student’s learning and creating a positive and safe environment, we desire all of our students to use technology to raise awareness, start conversations, find answers to their questions, change minds, make a difference, drive change, and take action.

Social media is part of kids’ lives; Either we acknowledge it exists and allow ourselves to be part of the conversation, or its one more way school becomes irrelevant to kids. It is my hope that we work together as a Knight community to continually learn positive ways that technology can help our students.  Keep asking questions, keep sparking the student’s creativity and keep creating positive connections with your students.

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