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Building Goals


Establish a steering committee (that is representative of the diversity within the building: role in building, ethnic, racial, religious, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, and sexual orientation) that would

  • Identify the ongoing concerns that diverse students at North experience that would:
    • Establish a vision for what our response to diversity is at North (safe space for all perspectives: normative and non-normative)
    • Plan and implement staff development for entire staff
    • Provide opportunities for deeper explorations of diversity for staff who are interested
    • Plan student and parent participation in deeper dive trainings/activities
    • Plan building wide learning activities for all students that advance our vision for how Grayslake North responds to diversity within our building and in society at large.


During 2017-2018 increase percentage of students meeting benchmark in ERW and Math by 3% in both areas. (Cohort and grade to grade)

  • Establish baseline data and reevaluate percentage growth for this year
  • Design and Implement an SAT test prep program outside of the school day
  • Increase the amount of structured practice for our students - 6 practice tests
  • Involve student services to find ways to systematize preparing for this test, especially for struggling learners and students test anxiety.

Extra-curricular participation

During 2017-2018 increase the number of students who are participating in at least 1 extra-curricular activity by 3%.

Cum Laude

During 2017-2018 increase Cum Laude applicants and senior submissions by 25%.

  • Create Senior Target List - set up through College and Career Center and work with applicants to start their applications
  • Utilize Freshmen transition, email and Schoology to inform underclassmen

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May 24, 2022

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