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>>>>> GNHS 2021-2022 Off Campus Lunch Online Form <<<<<


1. Senior status with 17 or more credits, Juniors with 12 credits, Sophomores with 6 credits or more

2. Passing five (.5 credit) classes

3. In good standing with Deans Office – 90% attendance and no major discipline.

4. Students placed on social probation are subject to loss of SLO privilege.

5. Parental approval



· Maintain safe, trustworthy, accountable, respectful behavior in the community while on your lunch hour off campus. Maintain school rules.

· Remain in good standing with Dean’s office.

· Students exit building through the café door, (near B162), and will hand their SLO card to staff member in charge. Return on time and enter through café door. Students must have their SLO card to give to designated staff member prior to leaving the building, (student ID’s will not suffice).

· Transportation is provided solely by the student. In the event any incident arises involving personal injury and/or property damage to the student or any other persons accompanying the student the school district, it’s employees, and board members are held harmless from any claim or liability which may arise from the occurrence.


· Violation of expectations or failure to maintain criteria may result in temporary or permanent loss of SLO privilege.

· Parents may request denial of SLO privilege at any time during the school year by contacting the student’s Dean.

Protocol for drug and/or alcohol infractions, (this would include (independent of each other): possession, sale or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on school grounds):

· First infraction: 18 week loss of SLO privilege.

· First offenders will be given the opportunity to reduce their suspension to nine weeks by completing an approved D127 youth evaluation and any subsequent recommended program.

· A second drug and/or alcohol violation will result in the loss of their SLO privilege for the remainder of the school year.

· Students who self-report, (with no previous infractions), will NOT lose SLO.  A student who self-reports will also be required to complete an approved D127 youth evaluation and any subsequent recommended class and/or treatment.


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Jul 28, 2021 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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