Grayslake Central High School

English Department

Mission Statement

We, the teachers of Grayslake Central High School’s English Department, challenge our students to grow as skilled communicators, critical readers, and increasingly independent learners.  Equally important is our commitment to fostering students’ confidence, integrity, and responsibility, encouraging them to use their voices to participate meaningfully in the world.

Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else's shoes for a while.

Malorie Blackman  

Top Row (left to right): Mr. Jake O'Hara, Ms. Nina Cavender, Ms. Taylor Edwards, Ms. Maureen Ritter, Ms. Lauren Tracy, Ms. Melissa Thurlwell, Mr. Tom Hamilton, Mr. Chris Palmer, Mr. Jeff Barry, and Ms. Heather Fee-Alveraz Bottom Row (left to right): Ms. Victoria Lobb, Ms. Sara Lester, Ms. Ellie Ryan, Ms. Joan Rush, Ms. Arian Colton, and Ms. Stephanie Kischuk

Top Row (left to right): Jake O'Hara, Nina Cavender, Taylor Edwards, Maureen Ritter, Lauren Tracy, Melissa Thurlwell, Tom Hamilton, Chris Palmer, Jeff Barry, and Heather Fee-Alvarez. Bottom Row (left to right): Victoria Lobb, Sara Lester, Ellie Ryan, Joan Rush, Arian Colton, and Stephanie Kischuk

Melissa Thurlwell

Grayslake Central English Department Chair
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