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The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Grayslake Community High School District 127 uses a computerized debit system that replaces traditional cash registers in the cafeteria lunch lines.  Please note that this system is very confidential.  All students will be required to enter their student identification numbers regardless of meal status or payment method, thus insuring your child’s privacy.

Each student will have an established debit account, although you will not be required to make advanced payments because the system still has the ability to act as a cash register and can accept cash payments on a daily basis.  However, for your convenience, you may wish to choose one of the following options for making advanced payments.  Parents may send cash with their student which can be debited towards the student's account, or can deposit funds online using  Deposits from MySchoolBucks are transferred every 30 minutes to the District 127 computerized debit system.  

If you are interested in depositing money electronically, you can sign up by logging in at to create an account. If you need detailed directions for creating a MySchoolBucks account, please use the links below.  Once you have created an account you can conveniently deposit up to $120.00 into your student’s account for the purchase of meals/snacks in the school’s cafeteria only. There will be a $1.95 convenience fee charged when you deposit money into the account for each transaction. You will be able to set your MySchoolBucks to notify you if there is a low balance on your student’s account. You will also be able to view which meals/snacks your child has been purchasing by logging into his/her account.

To prevent fraudulent use of student accounts a digital image of each student will appear on the monitor for the cashier to view every time a child accesses his or her account insuring that no other student can use the account.

Money will only be deducted from an account when the student uses the account to purchase meals and/or a la carte items.  There is no limit on the amount of money that can be deposited into a debit account. 

If you have any questions regarding establishing an account, account balances, or technical issues please do not hesitate to contact the following:

  • For Grayslake Central High School call Mary Long at 847-986-3366

  • For Grayslake North High School call Andrea Tompoles at 847-986-3154

  • For Point of Sale purchase issues, call Donna Keesling at 847-986-3360