Pillar 1

D127 Pillar #1: Our Learning

Description: District 127 is committed to continuously improving the educational experience of our students. We believe that learning should be relevant engaging and authentic, so we commit to expanding programs that allow for internships, work-based experiences, and support for career pathways that can be explored by students.


Measures that Matter

  • Ensure that all students and staff experience purposeful, authentic learning

  • Expand cross-curricular learning opportunities

  • Build systems to support career pathways

  • Sustain and evolve academic intervention systems

  • Respect the diversity of the student body when planning instruction and assessment

  • Invest in staff learning

  • Student Culture and Climate Data

  • Freshman On Track Percentage

  • Early College Credit Course Enrollment

  • Internship/Work-Based Learning Course Enrollment

D127 Pillar #2: Our Well-Being

Description: District 127 commits to working toward all students and staff feeling that they belong and are safe. Belonging is the invitation to be one's full self. It is the opportunity to learn and live, to be honored and encouraged, and allowed to develop as one's true self, and as part of the groups that develop and celebrate one's identities, needs, and contributions. Furthermore, students will be supported as they prepare for life, the workforce, and the next level of learning.

Our Well-being


Measures that Matter

  • Increase the sense of belonging and safety for students and staff

  • Increase student and staff emotional supports

  • Prioritize post-high school planning

  • Staff Culture and Climate Survey Data

  • Student/Family Culture and Climate Data

  • Continued implementation and refinement of MultiTiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for all learners


D127 Pillar #3: Our Resources

Description: Our learning community expects that Grayslake North and Grayslake Central provide a high-quality, world-class education while ensuring the long-term financial health of the organization. The district commits to effective use of district resources while ensuring students equitably access all of the district's programs and facilities. Furthermore, the district commits to furthering environmentally sustainable policies and practices.


Measures that Matter

  • Ensure equitable access to district facilities and programs

  • Sustain and evolve facilities as safe and effective learning spaces

  • Maintain district financial health

  • Annual Financial Reports/Financial Profile Score

  • Community/Family Survey Data

  • Sustainability: ARC Score

  • CoSN Digital Equity Dashboard

D127 Pillar #4: Our Community

Description: Communication from District 127 to the community is crucial for building trust, transparency, and collaboration. It allows parents, guardians, and community members to stay informed about important school events, policies, and initiatives, and to have a voice in the decision-making process. Telling stories of district student and staff successes fosters a sense of belonging and pride in the school, leading to increased community support and involvement.

Our community


Measures that Matter

  • Frequently communicate plans, policies, and decisions

  • Increase opportunities for the community to give input and feedback

  • Increase the recognition of progress and achievement of all people in the community

  • Tell the district’s story

  • Number and type of community partnerships

  • Scholarship amount received by students

  • Community Service hours

  • Community/Family Survey Data