Beginning of Year Information

Grayslake Central Students and Caregivers,

We are so excited to welcome our students back to the building on Tuesday, August 15th!

In an effort to ensure that all students receive consistent information, we have redesigned our first day of school.  In lieu of a traditional green or white block schedule day, our teachers will be hosting ALL of their students on the first day back!  This will allow for introductions, team building, relationship building and clear expectations shared in each classroom.  Each 37 minute class will consist of class/course related information and sharing universal building topics such as:


  •   Clubs
  •  Athletics
  • Leadership
  • Service opportunities

●       RAMS Block information/overview

●       Student Services Team introductions

●       School Culture and Truths

●       School Expectations

●       Career Pathways

●       Central Trivia

As a district, we have partnered with Quest Food Services in the Cafeteria to provide nutritional meals for our Ramily.  We are excited to welcome them and anticipate the students enjoying their food options.  Grab and go lunches will be provided, free of cost, by the District on August 15th to help introduce our new cafeteria offerings!  There will be NO OPEN CAMPUS on August 15th.  Students are expected to remain in the building for the duration of the day for both lunch and their Rams Block.

Our first day will conclude with a Welcome Back Assembly in the Field House to celebrate the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year!


The Administrative Team
Mr. Landry, Ms. Bryniczka, Mr. Przybylski, Mr. Moe

Please continue reading for important information regarding the beginning of school.

Beginning of School Information

Monday, August 14th, 2023:  Freshmen Orientation

Click here to read the communication sent to freshmen families.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023: First Day of School Key Information

  • Click here for the adjusted 8-period bell schedule
  • Student IDs must be worn on lanyard once entering the building.
  • All students should bring their charged Chromebook.
  • All Life Fitness classes (except Health and Drivers Ed) will not change in the locker rooms; all students should meet their teacher in the Theater. Health and Drivers Ed classes should report to their classroom.
  • Need help with logging your Chromebook? Stop by the tech office (2620) or email
  • Need to pick up textbooks? Stop by the bookstore during school hours.
  • Open Campus tags will be available before school, starting on Tuesday, August 15th, outside of room 2050 (Principal’s Office).

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023: Late Start block schedule (9:15am start) with Blocks 1-4 (Green Day)

Thursday, August 17th, 2023: Transition to our traditional block schedule (8:15 am start), with Blocks 5-8 (White Day)

Click here for a link to the bell schedules.

Open Campus

Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 have the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of an Open Campus for both lunch and Rams Block, given that all their course grades remain above 70% when reviewed. The grades will be reviewed every six weeks. In order to have Open Campus privileges, caregivers must grant permission to their student(s). The Open Campus permission form can be found here.

Open Campus for lunch will commence on Wednesday, August 16th. However, for Rams Block, students will be allowed to leave campus starting Friday, August 18th. It's important to note that on Wednesday, August 16th, and Thursday, August 17th, all students are to attend a required Rams Block presentation on campus.  More information will be shared with students and caregivers about this first required Rams Block.

Students who have earned Open Campus privileges must carry their pink Open Campus identification card on their lanyard at all times. They are required to enter and exit through the Field House doors, scanning both in and out as they come and go.