History of Grayslake Community/Central High School

Grayslake Central is celebrating 75 Years of Brilliance.  In honor of this, we will be sharing information found in the yearbooks with our community this year.  This week, we celebrate the Class of 1947, the first graduating class of Grayslake High School.  

“Every student will remember this first year at GCHS.  This year will stand out among all the rest, not merely because we’ve met new people and have watched the school grow nearer to completion, but because each and every student now in Grayslake High School is laying a foundation for the many young men and women who will become students of Grayslake in the future years".  The Emerald 1947

What a great foundation it was!  We are all proud to be part of the Ramily and hope that you will celebrate this milestone year with us!