Leadership Clubs

Student Council

Student Council is comprised of dedicated students elected to represent each class. As an organization, we plan and run school-wide events. Our first major event each year is Homecoming Week. We are in charge of organizing spirit days, the parade, and the dance. Community service is also a major focus of Student Council. In November, we run a community-wide food drive to benefit local families and area food banks. We also help organize the D127 Winter Charity Gala and run the school’s blood drives. To wrap up the year, we plan Prom and a teacher appreciation event.

Social Media:
Twitter: @GCHS_stucru
Instagram: gchs_stucru

Lauren Brownstone and Lora Ciferri

Class sponsors:

Freshmen: Jenni Clesen
Email Jenni Clesen

Sophomores: Shari Snavley
Email Shari Snavley

Juniors: Jazmyne Garcia
Email Jazmyne Garcia

Seniors: Jackie Maravola
Email Jackie Maravola

Rams Dedicated

Rams Dedicated is Grayslake Central’s Life of an Athlete Program. Life of an Athlete is a human performance organization founded by John Underwood, an Olympic trainer and adviser. Underwood’s mission is to improve the lifestyle habits of young athletes, activity and organization leaders, and community members through the promotion of a healthy mind, body, and attitude.

By signing this pledge, YOU subscribe to the Rams Dedicated lifestyle. By committing to this organization, you promise to:

  • Make Healthy Decisions

  • Promote a Safe and Welcoming Environment at Grayslake Central

  • Stay Drug & Alcohol Free

  • Be the Best Ram Possible by Creating a Legacy of Excellence at GCHS


Abbey Erlenbaugh Asst. Athletic Director Email Abbey Erlenbaugh

Brian Moe - Athletic DirectorEmail Brian Moe

Dianna Soenksen Repp - Activities Director Email Dianna Soenksen Repp

Kate Oldenburg - Prevention and Wellness Coordinator Email Kate Oldenburg