Social Clubs

Social clubs are open all year for all students to join. There are leadership opportunities in each of these groups as well. The main purpose is to have fun, make friends, grow as a student, and make an impact on your community.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for mutually enriching friendships and integrated employment. This organization works to match students with disabilities with high school students from general education to create one-to-one friendships. In today’s high schools, students with disabilities often enter the same building and walk the same hallways as their peers but they are left out of social activities. By introducing Best Buddies into our high schools, we are crossing the invisible line that too often separates those with disabilities from those without. Click here to visit Best Buddies in Illinois website.

Sponsors: Shari Snavely and Nella Sanders

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Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is open to all students who are interested in making a positive difference for both our planet and its people. The 2020 - 2021 club members have decided to focus on taking action to prevent plastic pollution and overconsumption in the name of protecting our home for future generations. The club is working on a variety of projects that aim to educate the GCHS community about these issues while encouraging them to take action! Come join us!

Sponsor: Kristen Salmons

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Financial Literacy

This club will be for students who are interested in learning more about the financial markets, investments, chart patterns, and all forms of education to a more well-rounded financial education. Improve an understanding of how cash-flow and money work. How to find what suites needs to invest. How to make money work for you. To build a team that can compete in a financial conference or have meets to test our level of understaning.

Sponsor Matt Bridges

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Educators Rising

Educators Rising encourages young people to choose teaching as a career and provides a means for students to participate in realistic education-based activities. Members of this club will be provided with opportunities for community involvement and access to educational events. Additionally, students to participate in realistic education activities that assist in making valid career decisions. Job shadowing, school site visits, and resume building will be focal points this year.

The ultimate goal of this group is to improve effective communication and leadership skills for all students of all backgrounds. Plus, this club aims to encourage the students of today to become the teachers of tomorrow.

Sponsor: Dana Oddo

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Future Medical Professionals

Future Healthcare Professionals is a club for students interested in learning more about healthcare and careers in healthcare through guest speakers and field experiences. It’s also a great way to get involved in community service and outreach.

Sponsor: Kellen Price

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The purpose of this club is to allow gamers of this school to come together, make new friends, and have fun. They play different games each meeting and take new suggestions from new members. Esports has been added too!

Sponsors: Lexis Foerch

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Inkblots is the school’s literary magazine. It is a collection of students’ original creations in the areas of poetry, short stories, drawings, and photography. The publication, in its final version, is a reflection of the diversity in thought and vision of our student body. It is a place for all students to find a "voice" for their talent.

Sponsor: Heather Fee-Alverez
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Thursdays at 3:30 in room 2120

Key Club

Key Club is the world’s largest service organization for high school students. It is well recognized by colleges and universities around the world. Key Club provides students with an opportunity to serve others in their school, community and beyond. It is a student led organization where individuals can develop leadership skills while serving others. Students can be elected to offices at the school, district (Illinois and Eastern Iowa), and international level. Students plan and carry out service activities that match their interests and the needs of the community. There are many projects throughout the year. We provide volunteer services and fundraising money to organizations such as the March of Dimes, UNICEF, Literacy Society of America, American Cancer Society, Leukemia Society, American Cancer Society, PADS, JRF, Spastic Paralysis Foundation and much more. JOIN KEY CLUB and make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others! The motto of Key Club International is “Caring - Our Way of Life” so come and be a part of this great club!

Meetings are Thursdays at 3:30pm (Arena)

Sponsors: Jim Plaza and Kristen Salmons

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Good News Club

This club has the dual purpose of providing a group for Christian students to have fellowship and provide a place for any student (Christian or not) to come learn about God's truth in the Bible.

Sponsor: Jason Doll

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Psychology Club

Psychology Club is for any student interested in the field of psychology or for any student considering a career in psychology. Goals of the club include raising awareness of psychological topics, applying psychological concepts to real world events, and promoting good mental health and a healthy lifestyle. The club meets twice a month after school and includes activities such as guest speakers, film analysis, psychology games, discussion of documentaries, and the organization of a mental health awareness week. All students are welcome to attend, regardless of whether or not they have taken a psychology course.

Nicole Belmont and Kalle Nelson
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Welcome to Operation Snowball! What is Operation Snowball you might ask?? The name originates from the idea of creating a "snowball" effect that turns into a positive and powerful experience promoting a healthy mind, body & soul. Join us with our mission in the snowball program! We are planning to have a Call-Out Event this Fall and the main Snowball Spring Retreat where we will be joining Grayslake North students (and hopefully other local high schools as well) and possibly some other meetings throughout the school year. Last school year (21-22) Snowball students had a blast going to 60 to Escape along with Grayslake North. Please fill out the following Student Interest Form (22-23) if you are interested in learning more about the club and being notified of upcoming meetings and events. We'd love to welcome you to this amazing club and grow our "snowball" bigger and bigger! Please reach out to us if you have any questions in the meantime!

Sincerely Your Snowball Sponsors,
Mrs. Christopherson & Ms. Bickle