Bid Information

The Board of Education for Grayslake Community High School District 127 is soliciting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from qualified firms to provide comprehensive Architectural Services, as per (50 ILCS 510/) Local Government Professional Services Selection Act, to assist the Grayslake Community High School District 127 in performing possible planning, remodeling, construction, life-health safety projects and special projects. The firm selected shall have the primary responsibility for execution of the planning, design, construction documentation, and construction administration phases of the project.

This RFQ is not an Invitation for Bid: responses will be evaluated on the basis of the relative merits of the Qualifications. There will be no public opening and reading of responses received by the Grayslake Community High School District 127 pursuant to this request.

RFQ Submission

RFQ’s are due by August 31, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. local time. Timely delivery is at the risk of the Respondent. Any submittals received after the deadline will be rejected.

08.10.2022 - Addendum 1 has been posted to clarify RFQ language.

GCHSD127 Architect Educational RFQ 08.2022

GCHSD127 Architect Educational RFQ ADDENDUM 1 - 08.2022