students participating in all types of activites

Second semester at Grayslake North High School and Grayslake Central High School began with a flourish of engaging activities, blending learning with community and school spirit. 

At Grayslake North, students embarked on pickling vegetables they had the opportunity to interact with therapeutic chickens, ferrets, and dogs! Students began prepping for The Big Game by making game day posters for Special Olympic athletes, learned how to set a student budget, Sign Language Club offered a beginner course, Fire and Ice Cream in Chemistry classes, and much, much more.

Down the road at Grayslake Central, students embraced a creative challenge, transforming old t-shirts into braided dog toys. This project served a dual purpose: teaching a valuable skill in upcycling and supporting local animal shelters. In addition to these hands-on projects, students from both schools crafted heartfelt letters for seniors in our community, demonstrating their commitment to empathy and kindness, made friendship bracelets to hand out to other students, created their personalized art projects, embarked on therapy with the dogs, and much, much more.

These activities mark the start of a semester where education extends beyond textbooks, fostering growth, community connection, and a deeper understanding of our shared responsibility to the world.