Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses create project & problem-based learning environments to provide students with the skills necessary to become both college & career & college ready. Skills such as critical thinking, creative problem-solving, innovation, and collaboration are embedded into all courses. Students can explore a variety of pathways through our courses that have equipment found in the industry they are exploring & connect students to the community for mentorship.

The courses are broken into three categories:

These three categories allow students to explore their passions or advance their desires in post-secondary plans.

The Career and Technical Education Department:

  • Provides a setting to apply core subject matter

  • Heightens awareness of in-demand careers

  • Prepares students for further certification and degrees

  • Orientates students to the Lake County Technology Campus

  • Many courses offer early college credit

All courses in this area fulfill the one-half applied arts credit for graduation.

Gina Schuyler
Department Chair

Resources for Career Exploration

Mr. DeCaluwe

Mr. DeCaluwe's Classes & Resources - Business Education

Mobile App Development, Accounting, Sports Marketing, Personal Finance & Social Media & Technology

Mr. Boyd

Mr. Boyd's Class & Resources - Technology Education

Small Engines

Chef Dowe

Chef Dowe's Classes & Resources - Family Consumer Science (FCS)

Culinary I, Culianry II & Summer Farm to Fork

Mr. Frericks

Mr. Frericks' Classes & Resources - Business Education


Mr. Geiger

Mr. Geiger's Classes & Resources - Technology Education

Geometry in Construction, PLTW Principles of Engineering, 3D Modeling, Graphic Arts Production & Small Engines

Dual Credit Instructor

Mr. Gredes

Mr. Gredes' Class & Resources - Health Sciences

Sports Medicine & Sports Medicine Internship

Mrs. Schuyler

Mrs. Schuyler

Mr. Miller

Mr. Colletti's Classes & Resources - Technology Education

PLTW Intro to Engineering & PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture

Mrs. Tomasello

Mrs. Tomasello's Classes & Resources - Family Consumer Science (FCS)

Culinary I, Child Development, Bakery, International Foods & Parenting & Family Relations

Ms. Gianetti

Ms. Gianetti's Classes & Resources - Family Consumer Science (FCS)

Culinary I, Culinary II

Mrs. Wilkensen

Mrs. Wilkensen

Secretary to the Department Chairs

Mrs. Plaza

Mrs. Plaza's Class & Resources

Internship Coordinator - Internship Class Instructor

Monthly Calendar of Career Exploration Activities

Mr. Bussone

Mr. Bussone's Classes & Resources - Business Education

Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Personal Law

Future Medical Professionals Club Sponsor

Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller's Class & Resources - CTE Extension

Engneering a Sustainable Future & CTE Extsenion Supervisor of Liberty Prairie Farms Experiences