Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

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The Butterfly Effect of Maddox J. LoPriore $1000 scholarship Deadline 4/5/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Grayslake Rotary Club TRADE and Vocational Careers Scholarship. $1500 Deadline 3/1/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Grayslake Rotary Club Scholarship - $1000 for one Grayslake North and one Grayslake Central student. Deadline 3/31/24 SCHOLARSHIP LINK

Millburn Federation of Teachers (MFT) Scholarship The Millburn Federation of Teachers has established a one-time $1000 college scholarship available to a Millburn graduate who has been accepted into a college program. Deadline 3/31/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Lake County Federation of Teachers Joe Hutten Scholarship Must intend or attend an Illinois Public Higher Education Institution $2000 award. Deadline 4/4/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION


The Grayslake Area Chamber of Commerce will be awarding 6 -$2,000 scholarships to worthy students. The scholarships are available to students who attend either Grayslake Central or Grayslake North High School. Deadline 4/15/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Grayslake Exchange Club A.C.E. Award The A.C.E. Award recognizes high school seniors who have made a dramatic change in their attitude and academic performance.  The A.C.E. Award provides an opportunity to recognize students who have redirected their lives.  A.C.E. embodies Exchange Clubs’ promise to empower and inspire youth to achieve and embrace the basic values of our society.   YOU MUST BE NOMINATED BY A TEACHER OR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR AT YOUR SCHOOL AND THEY MUST FILL OUT THE NOMINATION FORM FOR YOU TO BE CONSIDERED. Deadline 3/15/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Dream Big Scholarship $500 scholarship will be awarded to a North student who dreams of having their own business or will be majoring in Business. Deadline 4/1/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Common App Scholarship $2,000
Awards Available: 3
Deadline: Feb 29, 2024

The Vine of Grayslake Scholarship $500
For graduating seniors in the Class of 2024 who will be attending the College of Lake County and entering the vocational field of study of the Culinary Arts. Deadline is Friday, April 12, 2024. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

HEAR provides financial and mentoring support to low-income Chicagoland high school seniors who demonstrate academic excellence, commitment to community, and personal integrity in their pursuit of a college education. Deadline is 2/25/24. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

The Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is awarding FIVE $500 SCHOLARSHIPS to high school seniors. Deadline 4/7/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

The Robert K. Wegge – Joseph Dimmock II American Legion (AL) Post 659 of Grayslake will award one scholarship to a graduating senior at Grayslake North High School who (1) was accepted by an accredited four-year college, two-year Community College, or Trade/Skill School of his or her choice and (2) excelled in general academics, coupled with skills of leadership, and civic or community engagement. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has exhibited such competencies and engagement. Other important factors include extracurricular activities and after school employment that exhibit work ethic, initiative, and results, as well as any association or affiliation with the United States Armed Forces. Deadline 3/19/24. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

The Morgan Jayne Hill Scholarship is an annual competition for Illinois high school seniors that is aimed at bringing awareness about Illinois’ Safe Haven Law. $1000 or $500 scholarships available. Enter with essay contest, or art contest. Deadline 4/1/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION


FOP 2023-2024: Two (possibly three) $2,000 scholarships available for students at GCHS, GNHS and/or Westlake. Due 4/5/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

GEA (Grayslake Education Association)
$500 Scholarship. Deadline 3/29/24 - Click here for application

Golden Apple Scholars of IL
The Golden Apple Scholars Program in Illinois is a teacher preparation and tuition assistance program for high school seniors and freshman and sophomore Illinois college students who have the determination and drive to be highly effective teachers in Illinois schools-of-need. We prepare aspiring teachers for immediate and lasting success in the most challenging teaching environments.

Scholars Receive:
-Up to $23,000 in total financial assistance for college, inclusive of paid Scholar Institutes
-Extensive classroom teaching experience
-Academic and social-emotional support
-Job placement assistance
-Mentoring from our award-winning teaching faculty The deadline to apply is April 1, 2024.- Click here for application

CBAI Foundation for Community Banking
Deadline 3/1/24 - The prize awarded to the overall winner is $1000 per year for up to 4 years of higher education, with up to 11 additional $1000 awards, and 12 second place $500 awards. Please see our Assistants in the Counseling office (Mrs. Obenauf or Mrs. Wilkinson) to receive paperwork and information on applying

Community Trust Credit Union Scholarship
Two recipients will be selected from eligible applications submitted by high school seniors graduating in the class of 2024.  The selected recipients will each receive a scholarship worth $1,000.  Student and/or parent must be a member of Community Trust Credit Union. Deadline is 3/18/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Friends of the Lake Villa Library
The Friends of Lake Villa District Library will be awarding up to three $1,000 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors graduating in 2024 who are planning to pursue a two or four year degree at any accredited college, university or vocational school. Deadline is 3/15/24 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION


Opening in December - DO NOT DELAY filling out this application.  Illinois can run out of grant or MAP funds so your chances are better the earlier you apply.  FAFSA is also mandatory for graduation - you will either need to fill out the FAFSA application or the non-participation waiver.


Click HERE for the FAFSA application website.

Click HERE for the FAFSA alternative application and related information.

Click HERE for the FAFSA non-participation form/waiver. 

Creating your FSA ID

Click HERE for the FSA ID website.  Do this BEFORE October 1st - it will save time.

With FAFSA opening up in December, where can I find some information regarding all of that?
FAFSA,  Apply for Aid - YouTube Video
 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA
 FAFSA Quick Intro Sheet

Click HERE for ISAC assisted free online application completion workshop opportunities.

MORE Helpful Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid Need Based Guide (AIM High Programs) - If you are attending one of Illinois’ 12 public four-year institutions and meet the program eligibility requirements, you may be eligible to receive an award through the Aspirational Institutional Match Helping Illinois Grow Higher Education (AIM HIGH) Grant Pilot Program. 

GNHS Financial Aid Guide - detailed guide for FAFSA and other possible aid resources


Sallie Mae - Paying for College Resource

U.S. Department of Education